• Swimming Pool Paint, Coatings & Primers

Dura Seal Pool Paint: One-Coat Epoxy
Dura Seal Pool Paint
One-Coat Epoxy

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Aqua Seal Pool Paint: Acrylic Enamel
Aqua Seal Pool Paint
Acrylic Enamel

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SR Pro 7 Pool Paint: Synthetic Rubber Base
SR Pro 7 Pool Paint
Synthetic Rubber Base

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Smart Step : Conversion Coating
Smart Step Conversion
Conversion Coating

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Prime It! Pool Paint Epoxy Primer for Smooth Surfaces
Prime It! Bare Surface Primer
For Smooth Surfaces

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Rough Prime Pool Paint: High Build Epoxy Primer
Rough Prime Rough Surface/Fiberglass Primer
High-Build Epoxy Primer

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  • Patio Paint

Patio Perfect: Pool Patio & Deck Coating
Patio Perfect
Acrylic Pool Patio & Deck Coating

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  • Pool Paint Maintenance Products

PrepWise: Pool Paint Preparation Solution
Prep Wise
1-Step Clean & Etch Preparation Solution

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Diving Board Resurfacing Kit: Diving Board Paint
Diving Board Resurfacing Kit
Help provide sure footing to worn diving boards

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  • What Pool Paint Do I Need to Use?

When deciding to paint your pool with Smart Seal, you can choose from several options. On bare surfaces like plaster or bare concrete, Smart Seal recommends the epoxy Dura Seal system. The advantage is longer life and greater value. Dura Seal is also recommended for sandblasted or fiberglass surfaces. SR Pro 7 synthetic rubber-base and Aqua Seal acrylic-base are also excellent choices and can be applied to bare plaster or concrete surfaces (not sandblasted or fiberglass), or surfaces previously painted with a rubber-base or acrylic formula.

If your pool has been previously coated, it is important to determine the type coating on the pool so your new coating will be chemically compatible. The best way to determine your existing coating is take a chip to your local Leslie’s store and they will “test’ the chip for identification.

Or, you can send a chip, preferably 1”x 1”, to the Smart Seal manufacturer and they will call and advise you. To field test yourself:

  1. Immerse a small chip in 98% isopropyl alcohol. If it dissolves, your coating is acrylic.
  2. If IT DOES NOT DISSOLVE, immerse a new chip in 100% rubber-base solvent (Xylol). If it dissolves it is a rubber-based paint. If it DOES NOT DISSOLVE, it’s an epoxy.

  • Other Painting Considerations

Prepping a pool: Surface preparation is the single most important aspect of coating or re-coating a swimming pool. On re-coats, all grease, dirt, lotions, oils, and mineral deposits must be removed so the new coating can chemically bond to the existing coating. For bare surfaces, it’s necessary to mildly acid wash the surface to remove mineral deposits and microscopically add porosity to the surface.

The simplest way to achieve this is by using Smart Seal’s PREP WISE a pre-packaged solution that simply mixes with water and performs the three steps of oil, dirt removal, acid etching to remove minerals, and neutralization of and acid residue. Or, you can perform your own three steps using tri-sodium phosphate, muriatic acids, and tr-sodium phosphate again. Obviously the more simple and very effective method is one-step PREP WISE.


Colors shown will slightly differ from actual paint. For a more accurate color representation, ask your retailer for a Smart Seal Color Guide.