Q How long do Smart Seal products last?
A Dura Seal, 6-8 years; SR Pro 7, 2-3 years; Aqua Seal, 1-2 years; Patio Perfect 3-4 years.
Q How do I tell what type of paint is on my pool?
A Send a sample to Smart Seal. If no pool paint samples are available, follow the instructions under the How-To Procedures section and go to Step #1 Choosing Your Coatings.
Q Can you apply Dura Seal over SR Pro 7 or Aqua Seal?
A Dura Seal is not chemically compatible with SR Pro 7 or Aqua Seal unless our conversion coating Smart Step is applied first.
Q What if my pool paint appears as two shades of the same color?
A Sometimes slight color variances occur between different batches. Smart Seal stamps a six digit "batch number" on each box so you can be sure your customer leaves with same batch number for any product. If not possible, have them "mix" the two batches in a large container prior to application.
Q What happens if it rains after I coat my pool?
A Once the product has completely "set up", rain will not affect the coating. However, no standing water should be allowed to stand, i.e. main drain, this water should be pumped out or otherwise removed to prevent blistering and fading.
Q Can I apply Smart Seal products over another paint?
A As a general rule, you need to use the same type coating that is on your pool. (i.e epoxy, rubber base over rubber base, acrylic over acrylic.)
Q Is primer required on recoats of Dura Seal?
A Prime It! is required on a bare surface only. On recoats of Dura Seal, a primer is not necessary. If spot priming is required, use Rough Prime. Prime It! should only be used on never before coated smooth plaster and concrete.
Q What are the primary reasons for unsatisfactory product performance?
A Improper surface preparation is the number one cause of blistering and other performance issues. Unacceptable application conditions such as heat or cold can also contribute, and always follow the proper curing schedule prior to filling the pool.
Still have questions? Drop us a line and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.