Concrete Pool Paint Primer: Epoxy Pool Plaster Coating - Prime It!

Prime It!

Epoxy Primer for Smooth Surfaces
2-Part Catalyst System

Prime It! is designed to seal smooth, bare concrete or plaster as an undercoat for Dura Seal. Prime It! is compatible with wet surfaces and helps reduce downtime by letting you clean and prime the swimming pool in one day and apply Dura Seal the next day! For bare, unpainted surfaces only.

2-Part Catalyst System

Coverage: 225 sq ft per gallon.

Smart Seal recommends a primer on bare surfaces prior to application of Dura Seal. Smart Seal primers are designed to penetrate and seal the surface, providing uniformity. With Dura Seal completing the process, you have a new, ceramic-like surface that is cohered to the substrate, and a beautiful finish that lasts up to eight years.

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